Ubisoft: There were no women in the American Revo -





Abigail Adams

Catherine Moore Barry

Margaret Corbin

Nancy Hart

Molly Hays McCauley

Esther Reed

Nancy Ward

Phillis Wheatley

Hannah Arnett

Martha Bratton

Lydia Darragh

Sybil Ludington

Rebecca Motte

Betsy Ross

Mercy Otis Warren

Prudence Wright

Elizabeth Zane

Penelope Barker

Elizabeth Burgin

Emily Geiger

Grace and Rachel Martin

Mary Lindley Murray

Deborah Sampson

Martha Washington

Patience Wright

Oh. Right.



Also, this “they weren’t active” or “exception proving the rule” shit is bunk. Just sayin’.

Women in today’s military supposedly aren’t “actively in combat” either, but that’s complete bullshit also. They are actively engaging hostiles every day. All the time. They are dying in combat, and not receiving recognition for it because “women aren’t allowed in combat”. We’ve been pretty damned good at downplaying women’s roles in history, especially War history, for a very, very, long time.

The erasure of women from history is NOT a past thing. It is still going on. Right now. Every day. I just … There are facts, right here, but don’t let them interfere with the need to perpetuate internalized misogyny.

#badass women in history#badass#women in history#American Revolution#I remember this pair of women who embroidered secret messages#in their skirts and they’d walk it past the enemy but I think that was Civil War#history#I think the awesome nure was also Civil War

And a reminder, examples of things which Ubisoft Thinks Are MORE BELIEVABLE Than a Woman Doing Something During the American Revolution:

- That ‘genetic memory’ is a real thing.

- Leaping from great heights and falling in a haybale and taking no harm

- “Eagle Vision” which allows the protagonist to see civilians, enemies, and targets in glowing shades of blue, red, and yellow respectively

- One man single-handedly murdering just about every influential figure of the third crusade in the span of a year

- Ezio being buddies or enemies or lovers with just about every influential figure in Renaissance Italy (or at least their cousin)

- On that note, actually using Leonardo Da Vinci’s glider to hang glide over Venice in a scene that reminds me too much of an episode of MST3K.

- Templars Creating a Clone of Hitler So that Real Hitler Could Escape

- You know I could go on, but every single plot point of the Assassin’s Creed series is batshit insane and the point at which they think that they’ll lose the audience’s suspension of disbelief is the idea that a woman can do any of this crazy shit?

tl;dr fuck you Ubisoft.

Meanwhile Beyond Good and Evil 2 is vaporware so I guess that’s a double fuck you. >(

It’s extremely gratifying when a post you start gets reblogged, and people add commentary that enhances the original content.  Just wanting to reblog so my awesome followers can see what’s been added to the thread.

Also here’s a link to the Kotaku article where ACIII’s (the game in question) creative director Alex Hutchinson says “the history of the American Revolution is the history of men”, for context. Apparently the new main character is Native American, which could be good, but we’ll see.

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